The kitchen is not only the place where pancakes are baked, sandwiches are toasted and stews are simmering. It is also the place where many fires in the home start.

5 tips to prevent fire in the kitchen

1. Do not run away while cooking
Running away while cooking is asking for trouble. Still, there are plenty of people who put pans on the fire and watch TV or preheat the oven while getting a frozen pizza. Staying in the kitchen while you are cooking means that not only the chance of a house fire is much smaller, but also the chance that your food will go to waste.

2. Clean the toaster regularly
There’s nothing like a fresh-out-of-the-toaster sandwich. This clever gadget has only one flaw: no matter how carefully you treat it, crumbs will eventually collect inside. Your toaster will catch fire if these crumbs catch fire. And this has the potential to be disastrous. Cleaning the toaster on a daily basis is thus a good idea.

3. Do not use a fire blanket when there is a flame in the pan
The Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) discovered that a fire blanket is of no use in the event of a flame in the pan and a deep-frying fire . Extinguishing with water is also a bad idea, because it will cause an explosion. The advice is to cover the burning pan with a suitable lid or frying pan and turn off the heat source. Do not remove the lid from the pan until it has cooled down completely.

4. Replace appliances with damaged cords
Many electrical appliances are used in most kitchens, from hand blenders to sandwich makers. All equally handy, but also fire risk. You must be especially careful with old appliances. Often the wires are exposed at the plug or some copper-colored wire squeaks out. If you continue to use these devices, you run the risk of a short circuit. As a consequence, check electrical wires like ‘electrician joondalup‘ to see if the cables can be replaced or if new devices are needed.

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5. Give the extractor a good polish
If the hood is not cleaned regularly, the filter will become saturated. The result: a greasy layer over the grid, which reduces the suction power and increases the risk of fire. A small flame is enough for an extractor hood on fire. Within 3 minutes, such a burning extractor hood can turn your house into a conflagration. Here you can read how your extractor hood is sparkling clean in no time.

The kitchen is one of the most dangerous places in the house , according to research by the Fire Service Academy. 60% of the fatal fires in the home since 2018 were caused by “human actions”. Carelessness of people is the number 1 priority, followed by accidents during cooking.