Are you going out for a day or on vacation with your baby? Then you will have to feed your baby on the go. We will tell you everything about feeding your baby on the way so that you are well prepared.

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If you go on holiday with your baby, you will soon have a lot of extra luggage. Packs of diapers, a high chair, a camp bed and lots of clothes. Besides thinking about what you will need for your baby during the holiday, there is also the journey. If you are in the car for a few hours or more, your baby will also need to receive one or more feedings while on the road. At the gas station you will find yourself a sandwich and a cup of coffee, but most likely nothing for your baby. The prepared formula does not last long. How do you keep things cool and how do you get them warm? In this article, you can read what you need to be able to feed your baby on the go.

Baby bottle feeding on the go
The prepared formula has a limited shelf life. Outside the fridge, this is an hour and if you keep it below 4 degrees (so for example in the fridge), it can be kept for a maximum of 8 hours. It is therefore best to prepare the bottle only when your baby starts to drink. If you are on the road, it is useful if you have a thermos bottle of boiled water, a bottle of cold water, the milk powder, and of course the bottle with you. If you bring boiled water in a thermos, you can mix this in the bottle with cold water until you have the right temperature for the bottle. You can of course also take the desired water temperature with you in the thermos, but the disadvantage is that the water in the thermos will also cool down over time. It is best to distribute the milk powder at home in the correct proportions (a special container to store the milk powder is easy for this, for example, a powder tower). A porridge bottle is also easy to prepare on the go in this way. Another solution is the ready-to-use formula. This is available in packs that you can keep out of the fridge, so you only need to heat it up.

Fruit and yogurt on the go
Both fruit and yogurt are available in handy squeeze packs. Of course, a baby cannot eat this independently. However, you can squeeze it into his / her mouth in small portions, which prevents a lot of mess. If your baby has never eaten this before, it is useful to try it a few times at home, so that your child gets used to it. For older babies, a banana is also a great solution for on the go. And if your child can chew independently, you can of course bring all kinds of fruit and a paring knife. Keep in mind that if your child eats while you are driving, you will not be able to reach it if he/she chokes.

Hot food and bread on the go
Bread is easy to take with you on the go. Just think about what you put on it. Everything you need to keep in the fridge at home has a limited shelf life in a warm car. Also, sweet toppings such as sprinkles and jam are not very tasty anymore when it has been warm for a long time, and it probably also gives a mess. A knife and a can of liverwurst or a bowl of cheese spread (the kind you can keep out of the fridge) can be a good solution. You only prepare the bread when your child starts eating. You can of course prepare warm food at home in advance and take it with you. You have to make sure that you can keep it cold on the way. It will be more practical to take the ready-made jars with vegetables and potatoes.

Hot and cold on the go
Most major gas stations have a microwave to heat up bottles and food. Both at these gas stations and at restaurants, it remains to be seen how clean this microwave is. It is therefore convenient to take a separate microwave container with you, in which the food can be closed and heated (the ready-made food jars must be in the microwave without a lid). Drinks can be kept both cold and warm in a thermos. To keep drinks (or fruit and yogurt) cold, you can also bring a cool box, or simply wrap two cooling elements in a towel along with the items. Finally, you can offer a cold drink by taking it frozen from home and drinking it when it has thawed. When eating or drinking on the road, a supply of wet wipes and bibs is of course indispensable with a baby.