We’ve been told the importance of keeping our body hydrated throughout the day. As a matter of fact, hydration is even more important if you are into competitive gaming like eSports. Today however, there is a trend of gamers who are focused on taking energy drinks rather than regular water to improve their gaming performance and to keep them up for extended periods of hours.

Even the Best Heroes in RAID Shadow Legends won’t do Good if You’re Dull

When playing RAID and owns the best heroes in RAID Shadow Legends, DOTA II, Warcraft and the likes, you may be thinking that you have a great chance of winning if you have the best heroes in the game. But in reality, it would not do you any good if you are not focused or sharp.

This contributed to the rising popularity of energy drinks in eSports. It isn’t surprising at all since players are spending countless hours in their training and competition. The thing is, relying on energy drinks to keep gaming performance is something that might not just damage actual performance but also, the general wellbeing. It creates confusion on whether to consume energy drinks or look for an alternative instead.

What’s an Energy Drink?

In essence, energy drinks are beverages that are formulated to supply extra energy boost, maintain alertness, provide mood and cognitive enhancement and promote wakefulness. Normally, these drinks have sugar, vitamins, high levels of caffeine and among other ingredients. On the other hand, we will be focusing on one of its main ingredients which is caffeine.

Why is it Popular in Competitive Gaming?

There are plenty of reasons why countless gamers have decided to have energy drinks. One of which is the positive impact it brings on cognitive performance.

This is primarily because of the caffeine it has. It serves as a stimuli in releasing adrenaline and dopamine by blocking adenosine receptors.

This is known for causing people to feel sleepy. Collectively, it improves various areas of cognition including:

  • Vigilance
  • Reaction time
  • Judgment
  • Attention
  • Perception of effort and;
  • Fatigue resistance

On top of that, caffeine offers other benefits too like reducing the risks of cancer, cardiovascular and metabolic conditions. But also, it is a great antioxidant.