The way in which we eat food and how we consume electronic entertainment media are often not that far apart. Many people from different generations love to play coin master games, looking for free coin master spins to level up the game. But there is nothing far better than the quick snack for in between games. But guess what? These snacks are not only available in flatbread or between two soft bun halves, but also on the smartphone or on various consoles.

Fast food and many video games have more in common than you might think. They are a tasty snack between meals, the reward is immediate, but excessive consumption over a longer period of time leads to health restrictions. Then there is the cliché of the gamer stacking pizza boxes, who keeps himself alive in his basement apartment with a minimum of sleep but excessive consumption of caffeinated lemonades and greasy meals from delivery services.

In addition, there are also games that deal with the quickly prepared dishes themselves. If all of these three criteria coincide, there is a real fast food overkill. Easily digestible video game food that chases virtual fast food while gulping it down at the same time. A ticking time bomb! In today’s special we are dedicated to the subject of the quick food kick for in between.

Interesting Video Games That Burger Tycoon Companies Have Launched

There are a lot peculiar sub-genres in the ever-evolving community of video games. Among the weirdest and oldest games must be fast food video games. As far as marketing is concerned, these games are hardly ever popular or interesting, but the burger tycoon, who is always eager to enter the target market (like the demographics of video games). Here are four video games created by popular fast food chains.


This game is a classic. When it was launched in 1982, Burgertime became popular in arcade machines and it quickly moved from Japan to the United States, and from arcade machines to home video game consoles. The player controls the chef, Peter Pepper. Chef Peter Pepper needs to make a burger while staying away from three deadly enemies – the pickles, the egg, and the hot dog. When it comes to gameplay, Burgertime is like the game, Donkey Kong, but the sequel is not.


Probably looking to record some of the magic that Burgertime has got, McKids was introduced in 1993, a Nintendo game that was designed so poorly to enter the game market. It was said to be another Super Mario Bros. 3 scam. You play as a child who has entered the McDonald’s magical fantasy world to recover the Ronald magic bag stolen by Hamburglar. McDonald’s is obviously not satisfied with the game and cut sales by refusing to sell the game.

Fast Food

In 1982, another old-fashioned cooking game, fast food, was released for Atari 2600. Manipulate a pair of fleshless lips to move desperately on the screen and eat as much fast food as possible. The goal is to lose weight, but if you eat too much rotten purple pickles, you have to throw up all the food you have eaten and start over. What a strange game.

Burger King Games

During the latest marketing plan, Burger King released many small video games presenting King. You are not acting as a hungry orphan in Micronesia, but as a king who teleports to all parts of the world, making the already chubby Westerners have endless desires for fried meat. You do this with some kind of burger delicious jiu-jitsu. This is a really fun game to play.

Ronald McDonald, Street Fighter

This is fun. It looks like some kind of Japanese game hacker, using obviously unlicensed characters in Street Fighter type settings, such as Homer Simpson, Ronald McDonald’s, and Kernel KFC. It is fast, violent, and full of absurd pop culture references. genius!