Fine dining draws together outstanding cuisine, hand-picked wines and customized service. Enjoying an excellent meal at a fine dining establishment requires etiquette methods that are steeped in culture.

The next time you keep an extraordinary event with a fine dining event, take note of these tips and tricks for a meal you’ll never forget.

1. Make sure to wear your favorite fine attire

The dress code at a fine dining place is typically smart casual, comfortable elegant, or formal dress so you better buy mens bomber jacket. We think of reaching the place in advance to confirm their so that you and your guests can dress properly.

2. Do not use your phone

Before you arrive at your restaurant, make sure you will not use your phone all the time. Texting while eating is known as the height of disrespect. Put your keys, phone, and purse on your bag, below the table — not on the table.

3. Do not clink your glasses when toasting

Toasting the evening? Just raise your drinks— do not sound them together. Clinking could destroy the glass and produces a noise that may disrupt other companies. Additionally, make eye contact with your dining companions when toasting

4. Make sure you have good posture

For formal dining etiquette, sit properly with your feet on the floor, and never place your elbows on the table. When having a drink from a glass, prevent looking at everyone else in the place. Instead, maintain your eyes focused into the glass.

5. Give attention to your napkin

As soon as you are seated, close the napkin in half with the ridge facing you prior to placing it on your lap. Use your napkin to pat or absorb stains, never clean. Close the napkin so all spots stay on the inside.

If you have to leave the table to use the restroom, just say “excuse me” — never say why! Put your napkin on your chair to indicate that you are not yet finished with your meal. When the meal is done, properly put the napkin next to your plate.