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Making Professional Cooking Video

  A series of food videos is the way to effectively market your product or service in a friendly manner. Cooking recipes are a big hit on the internet and are viewed on a regular basis. Such a collection of kitchen videos is great to launch your own on-line cooking. With these inspiration…

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Eating and Riding a Motorcycle

A full stomach doesn’t like to navigate: 2Wheels tells you what your body needs on long tours. Follow the steps in these four tips to keep the fun going on long road trips using your motorcycle. The night before Think in advance how long the stages should be. The evening before, it is…

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Smoothies are considered healthy. Many people drink the juices from pureed fruit or vegetables every day. But the popular drinks often contain more sugar than cola – up to 15 grams per 100 milliliters. That equates to about five sugar cubes. The maximum amount of 25 grams of sugar per day recommended by…

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Cigarettes’ in Gaining Weight

Food and drink Healthy eating and drinking is always important for your body, but can also contribute positively to your smoking cessation. You will get just that little bit of extra energy, forget your urge for a cigarette or you will be able to combat your restless feeling better. Of course there is…

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Fruits and vegetables are healthy. We get that as children. But why? Fruits and vegetables contain fiber, vitamins and numerous minerals, but a low energy density. Another component is the phytochemicals. They make fruit and vegetables so valuable and healthy. More than 100,000 of these plant substances are known and they perform a…

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Maintaining Food Safety and Cleanliness

Food and drink Food poisoning is common. Usually it is harmless with some diarrhea and stomach pains. But things can turn out worse for vulnerable groups. They can become very ill or sometimes even die. And that while food poisoning can generally be prevented by working hygienically. HACCP stands for ‘Hazard Analysis and…

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Airplane food divides minds: some love it, others see it as just a welcome distraction from travel stress. All the facts about airplane food. Also, if you love flying and drones, make sure to visit ‘Let’s Fly Wisely‘. Airplane eating often improves the mood of passengers traveling. But why do many people like…

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How Safe is the Food We Eat?

We often hear and read that there are substances in our food that are harmful or that can make us sick. But is that actually the case? Can our food contain substances that cause cancer? Strict control over our food The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) is an organization of the European Union…

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How Can Your Children Eat Better

TIPS FOR DIETARY EDUCATION FOR YOUR CHILD Don’t punish your child if he doesn’t finish his plate Punishment can cause aversion: your child associates a negative feeling with healthy eating. Something that is precisely not the intention. Also, don’t turn it into a circus by applauding when your toddler takes a bite of…

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