A full stomach doesn’t like to navigate: 2Wheels tells you what your body needs on long tours.

Follow the steps in these four tips to keep the fun going on long road trips using your motorcycle.

The night before
Think in advance how long the stages should be. The evening before, it is better to avoid fatty foods such as roast pork and excessive alcohol. Instead, try to switch to less stressful, but nutritious, food. Replace white flour products with polyunsaturated carbohydrates like those found in whole grains. You don’t necessarily have to do without hearty food; but reduce the fried potato side dish.

Tour breakfast
In order to properly preheat the engine, the body needs the right foundation as a starting aid. A breakfast rich in fiber and vitamins gives you plenty of energy to start the day. Protein also helps ward off food cravings. In this way, early stops on the journey can be avoided. Toast with honey does not put a strain on the body, but it only shoots up the blood sugar level for a short time. The rapid decline creates an increased need for sugary foods. The ideal combination for breakfast is a mixture of wholesome carbohydrates and protein.

On the route
Nothing works without fuel and navigator like ‘ choosing the best GPS for motorcycles ‘ . This applies not only to the motorcycle, but also to the human body and destination. And no matter how much fun riding a motorcycle is: It’s also physically and mentally demanding. After all, the body has to control the machine for several hours at a time and withstand the wind; the mind has to stay focused in traffic and keep its bearings. Fortunately, the most important rule on a tour is a very simple one: drink, this mantra is so important that you could easily stick it on your tank. It looks stupid, but that’s why you should keep it in mind. Because during a long trip you sweat more than you usually think; especially of course when the sun is beating down on the asphalt. On hot days, a person releases up to half a liter of fluid through the sweat glands – every hour. The body loses important minerals with sweat. The deficiency can manifest itself in stomach problems, difficulty concentrating, headaches and muscle cramps. Mineral-rich drinks such as juice spritzers are recommended for prevention. Alcohol-free beer also contains a large number of minerals and vitamins that replenish the mineral reserves – but please do not overdose: Too much of it also burdens the stomach. It is advisable to drink in small quantities, for example, to drink about 0.2 liters of liquid every hour. If you want to combine drinking with food, you should drink fruit buttermilk. The proteins it contains keep you full for a long time. Unsweetened granola bars provide carbohydrates. Trail mix is ​​also a great snack for on the go. The nuts contain healthy fats and the vitamin B maintains the ability to concentrate.

Food to Go on a Motorcycle Trip. What You Need to Know Is Explained in This Video.

After the tour
You arrive at your destination in the evening, exhausted and hungry. It’s better to drink a large spritzer or an isotonic drink first to replenish carbohydrate stores. Start with salads and then choose the best lean meat and fish in combination with small amounts of pasta or rice. Vegetables and fruits help to revitalize your weakened immune system. If there is another strenuous stage on the plan the next day, you should again avoid eating too late.