You no longer have to throw away your groceries. You can manage your pantry with these free apps.

If you manage your pantry optimally, you will have significantly less need to throw away your groceries and have healthier foods. We will introduce you to the best apps that can help you.

Currently, many people are working from home, isolated at home, or at home because of the current situation. The Corona crisis puts Germany under control and demands a high level of discipline from us.

We should still be shopping, but errands should be kept to a minimum. So it makes sense to stock up.

But apart from the current situation, an organized pantry is also important. In this way, you can get an overview of what you really need, and ideally which foods will expire when. This makes it impossible to throw away untouched food.

The App Store has a number of apps for smartphones and tablets to help you manage your inventory and shopping lists. Here are some applications you can use to track things.

Equipment Stacking: This is recommended by the federal government.

The Federal Civil Protection and Disaster Relief Department recommend stockpiling food and beverages for 10 days.

This recommendation applies not only to the Corona crisis, but also to floods, heavy snowfalls, power outages, or other situations where civilians are blocked from the outside world. Below are some of the most important tips on emergency nutrition.

  • About 14 liters of liquid per person per week.
  • Suitable drinks are mineral water, fruit juice, and longer shelf life drinks.
  • Please use the food you usually use. “Experiment” is not recommended.
  • Best of all, buy food that doesn’t need to be refrigerated and can be chilled and eaten in the event of a power outage.
  • Foods must have a long shelf life, and those with no expiration date are marked with the date of purchase.
  • Store food in a cool and dark place and pack it airtightly.
  • Newly purchased groceries should be stored behind the shelves so that the old ones are consumed first.
  • Frozen food is also part of the emergency supply and should be used first in the event of a power outage.
  • In the event of a power outage, you can use the camping stove to prepare your meal.
  • When preparing an offer, make sure that it also contains special foods such as diabetics, allergies, and babies.
  • If you have a pet, think about food and, if necessary, medicine.

The app isn’t just great for managing inventory and shopping lists. They also help you with cooking, baking, or grilling.