Our IQ can be concerning at times, and eating can improve our IQ. Do we have an ordinary IQ or an IQ that is possibly above average? There are IQ tests available on the Internet that can help us determine our IQ level such as online iq test free. If our IQ is lower than we would want, we have the ability to improve it. Nutrition and brain exercise can both help us boost our IQ.

Nutrition for the brain

There is a link between what we consume and our intelligence. This has been seen in both adults and children. When children with bad eating habits began to eat different foods, their brain functioning improved significantly, a process known as brain nourishment. Better diet benefits not just children but also adults in terms of cognitive capacity and IQ. To function effectively, our brains require the necessary energy.

Our IQ is most influenced

Our metabolic rate. Our metabolism and nervous system are responsible for all chemical processes that occur in our bodies, such as transforming food into fuel for the body and brain. Our nervous system includes the brain, nerves, and neural pathways via which we associate, recover memories, and process information.

Fuel for the brain

Glucose is the primary source of energy for the body and brain. Carbohydrates are used to produce glucose. The brain cannot tell the difference between different meals. Brown rice, honey, or a chocolate bar are all acceptable options. The distinction lies in the rate at which glucose enters the brain. Fruits and sweets are high in simple carbs, which are easily absorbed. The absorption of glucose from complex carbs takes more time. It’s the difference between a rapid surge and steady brain feeding. Our bodies can take energy from stored lipids but cannot store glucose, thus a steady supply is required. But eating too much at once may be just as damaging as a glucose deficit; think of peaks and dips in your blood sugar level that you don’t feel comfortable with. Because skipping breakfast reduces brain function. A healthy diet provides you and your brain with greater energy. To begin the day with a meal rich in complex carbs, which gradually delivers glucose to the body and brain. Breakfast cereals and wholemeal bread are excellent choices.

IQ decreases by 25% due to wrong food

According to research, a diet heavy in refined carbohydrates such as white flour and sugar affects IQ by up to 25% because it alters the balance between insulin and glucose. A steady supply of food to the brain eliminates dips and exhaustion and keeps you alert throughout the day don’t forget to drink plenty of water.

IQ and fresh air

If you want to boost your IQ, you must create adequate oxygen to perform better. The brain needs oxygen to function properly. Get some exercise and improve your oxygen uptake. This has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system, which feeds oxygen to the brain. It also improves glucose metabolism and the effects of neurotransmitters. Exercise on a regular basis is also beneficial to your mood, focus, and responsiveness. Furthermore, you sleep better, which is obviously advantageous to your focus, memory, and alertness. More exercise does not need spending a lot of time at the gym. Choose something that appeals to you and matches your lifestyle.