social media marketingMost businesses are shifting to Instagram Marketing, as recent studies show that Instagram’s advertising coverage is estimated to reach 1.22 billion users. Apparently, the various advertising sections and features provided by this social media site are being proven as cost-effective. Instagram is highly appreciated by social media marketers as the platform furnishes various powerful advertising opportunities that can drive traffic and generate sales leads,

The Instagram Stories for one, allows business owners to run ads that can be integrated in between regular postings. The approach makes them look like regular stories rather than advertising placements.

In some advertising runs, the Stories Ads may also appear as part of the top feed posts, which indicates getting a high score in Instagram’s Feed Ranking System (FRS),

What Exactly are Instagram Stories Ads?

Instagram Stories Instagram Stories Ads are 15-second video or photo advertisements appearing between the Instagram Stories of an IG user. It is clearly distinguished as an advertising video clip or photo when being viewed by other IG users, as it is labelled as “Sponsored”.

However this Stories advertising feature must appear in full-screen vertical format. Moreover, an Instagram account must have 10,000 followers at the least, to become entitled to this advertising amenity.

Optimizing Stories Ads

Once you earn the privilege of running additional Stories Ads that can beef up your Instagram marketing campaign, optimize your ads by focusing on the following:
Instil awareness about your brand by creating Stories Ads that familiarize potential customers to the impressive qualities of your product or service.
Aim to extend your reach in Instagram Marketing by focusing on other types of consumers who might develop an interest in your product or service. That way, you can grow the size of the IG users viewing and following your posts. Find out from Instagram Insights about the characteristics of the audience viewing your Ad.
Use a Video Ad Tracking tool like the ones used by YouTube or by the Display Network to count the number of people who have viewed your Stories Ads.
Monitor the conversion rate of your Stories Ads, to determine how many customers have actually responded to your advertisement’s call to action of purchasing the advertised product.
App Conversion – Encourage a viewer to download a free trial App of a game or service you are pushing to sell. The results of analyzing your conversion rates will help you determine if your Stories Ad is working