Whipped Cream


You ask yourself: What is whipped cream? And is it the same as whipped cream? We will enlighten you and discuss the correct use. Are you looking for a replacement for whipped cream? Then you will also find what you are looking for here!

What is whipped cream?

Whipped cream, means nothing more than whipped cream. The term refers to a cream with a fat content of at least 10%. Sweet cream is referred to there as cream and if the cream is whipped, it is called whipped cream. It can be homemade or readily available in cream canisters.

It is naturally creamy and slightly sweet in taste and is created:

  1. when raw milk is left standing and the cream that forms is skimmed off, or
  2. when the raw milk is centrifuged in the industrial process so that the cream separates from the milk.

Whipped cream use

You can use whipped cream in both sweet and savory dishes:

  • Coffee cream: If you only want a small swab of flavor in the coffee, you can also take cream instead of coffee cream.
  • Sauces and soups: The lush consistency of the top ensures a thickening of finished cream sauces or cream soups.
  • Desserts and cakes: The high-fat variant is delicious and decorative with fruit, cakes, ice cream, and all sorts of sweet desserts.


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Replacement for whipped cream

Maybe you want to enjoy calorie-conscious, prefer a vegan diet, or just don’t have whipped cream in the house? This is not a problem, you can easily replace whipped cream. The choice of an alternative depends on the type of application:

  • Different terms: If you just can’t find an obers in the supermarket, you can just buy whipped cream, it’s identical.
  • Flavor carriers: If you need a high-fat base for your dish, you can also use sour cream or crème fraîche, as well as milk or vegan alternatives.
  • Low-fat alternative: If you are looking for a low-fat substitute for whipped cream, you are well advised to use sour cream, low-fat cream cheese, or an egg-milk mixture. For sweet dishes, you can resort to yogurt, semi-fat or lean quark.
  • Decoration: If you want to replace finely whipped cream, you can whip coconut milk with sugar. This takes some time and of course, brings its own taste, but holds the shape for some time with the addition of cream stiffness.