From local to multinational brands, small to large scale producers, retail to wholesale, fast-food to fine-dining, the industry of food and beverage is a huge sector that has the whole enchilada, making it a massive and complex industry. But it is also unique in varying levels since the industry impacts the lives of every person on a day-to-day basis in a persistent as well as profound way. Hence, if you have a business or brand relating to food and beverage, you have the potential to flourish and be profitable so long as you have the right recipe and do the proper and necessary processes to achieve this.

When it comes to marketing, being digitally present is now a must.  Creating and running a website is one way to make your food and beverage brand or business present in the online space. It isn’t only an ideal platform to display the name of your business or brand, your contact details and anything else about your it and what you are offering, but your food/beverage website is also a great place to build and establish a digital point of business in which people can locate information that they may find useful as well as allow you to directly communicate and interact with consumers. Apart from those, your online presence through your website touches many more key aspects so as to effect progress, growth and success of your business/brand.  

Is Your Food and Beverage Website Visible Online – Find Out Using SERP Checker

Content is everything and more crucial than ever. Making use of high-quality, informative content so as to respond to the queries of searchers is the best strategy so as to achieve visibility on search engines and build a strong online presence. However, to write about your products or services, post them on your website, and then hope they will reach people and get potential leads and sales isn’t a strategy at all.

If you want your content to be found, it has to consistently rank highly on search engines, and using a serp checker, AccuRanker for instance, is one of the best ways to make sure that happens. To further understand what a serp checker is and its importance, it is crucial that you know and understand what keywords are and what they have to do with ranking, visibility and online presence.

The World Wide Web, or simply Web, is where people go to when looking for information online. But, for people to complete a search on the Web as well as to get the specific information that they need, a search engine is used – Google being the leading and widely used search engine. For search engines to find your content or webpage on the Web, it is important for you to make use of strong keywords, since these keywords are the phrases or set of words that people type into the search box of search engines when doing a search on the Web. These keywords chosen by the searcher serve as guide for search engines to peruse the Web for specific webpages containing the content that are related to the search.

Within millisecond, the search engine responds to the query of the searcher by displaying on its search engine results page (SERP) the webpages it perceives relevant and significant to the search. Search engines rank those webpages accordingly, putting the most relevant ones on the first page. The stronger your keywords, the better the chance for your content to be found on the Web by the search engine, which in turn makes your webpage visible to the searcher since it will be displayed on the SERP. The higher the rank of your webpage the more visible it is and more likely the searcher will click on it.

With the number of food and beverage websites on the Web, you most certainly want to be found and visible online. So, it is important to choose and use the proper keywords as well as to know how your pages are ranking on search engines. This is where a serp checker comes in. It is a software used by digital marketers to get a comprehensive data or metrics of their keywords, giving them a better understanding and clearer picture of the performance of their website or webpages. This keyword metrics provided by the serp checker will greatly help in many ways and different aspects, including:

  • Which of your keywords bring out your site or pages on the SERP and what their current ranking status are
  • Which of your keywords and pages are ranking well and those that don’t
  • determining which specific webpages are getting less traffic, you can make the necessary changes to improve them
  • Knowing what the issues are when your page is underperforming or if web traffic drops all of a sudden
  • knowing the issues, you can implement the right and best solutions
  • Identifying which of your keywords are ranking highly, you can better your content and redistribute your keywords for your pages to increase its ranking status
  • Apart from your own keywords, you can also track the keywords of your competitors to see if yours are doing better or if theirs are thumping on yours.