Many diets have been created specifically to benefit your pets. Proper feeding and raising of the dog take time and resources. There are pros and cons to feeding your pet only dry food, which you should be aware of in advance. Your task is to get to know the needs of the animal by reading the Chihuahua foods guide. This way, you can be able to provide it with the best possible quality menu to keep it healthy and happy.

What do dogs eat?

Your pets are descended from wolves and are carnivores by nature. More and more people are choosing the Bones and Raw Food method for feeding their dogs, which includes the intake of raw or cooked meat and various supplements. This way of eating also includes the intake of eggs, various types of small fish, or specific vegetables.

Canned food is a good substitute for meat and a nice addition to a dry dog’s diet. It is imperative that you avoid giving your pet cooked bones because when they undergo heat treatment they soften and particles can easily choke your dog.

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Some of the foods you should avoid giving your pet

  • Chocolate
  • Onion and garlic
  • Citrus fruits
  • Milk and lactose
  • Salty foods
  • Fat foods

How much dry food should your dog eat per day?

The amount of food your dog should eat depends a lot on his breed, activity, and health. Age is also important, because, over the years, the processing of certain foods makes it difficult for your pets’ bodies, and it is possible to cause problems.

Here are some practical tips that can be helpful when feeding your dog dry food

  • The quality granule is brown in color
  • Hypermarkets do not offer quality dry dog ​​food
  • Packaged dog food is many times better than that which is sold by weight
  • Quality dry food has a strict quality-price balance

The key, in addition to making sure your dog has a quality menu, is to give him the right amount. It is determined both by the nutritional value of the portion and by the time required for processing and absorption. Very often, dog kibble labels will state the correct ratio and the time during which it is given.