Painting your interior trim may seem like an easy task. However, it could be a time-consuming and laborious project, particularly for door trim and window trim because door casing and window casing have more surfaces, requires caulking as well as plenty of nail holes fill.

Using The Best Trim Paint Brush For A Clean Paint Job

In order to make the paint job easier and quicker, it is important to make use of the proper and best trim paint brush. Using the proper trim brush can affect the outcome of you paint job. With the right paintbrush, you allow yourself to have more control over your strokes, provide better coverage, and have a clean finish.

The best trim paint brush also helps in precision as well as variety. When painting interior trim, your main objective is to keep the paint job clean as well as to cover all edges. You then have to consider the size of the trim brush, the bristles, the angle or shape of the tips, as well as the kind of paint you will be using.

The right quality trim brush can definitely make the painting job much easier, quicker and precise. As there are different kinds of trim brushes in the market, looking for the right one may confuse you. To narrow down your choice, check out for the best trim paint brush.

Choosing Paint Color – Color Can Influence Appetite

Aside from interior trim, painting your walls can definitely transform the look as well as the feel of a space or room. But, just like choosing your trim brush, choosing your paint color is also important. When it comes to choosing paint color for your kitchen and dining room, you will have to choose the color wisely as research suggests that color can affect one’s food choice and appetite. In fact, experts discovered that colors can actually increase hunger or suppress appetite. With that, let’s have a look at the colors that are known to increase and curb appetite.

Colors That Stimulates Appetite

  • YELLOW: Yellow evokes happiness. When people feel happy, they tend to eat more compared to when they are sad or too calm.
  • GREEN: Green is a healthy color. As it is associated with health and well-being, the color encourages healthier food choices and healthy eating.
  • ORANGE: Orange fuels brain activity and would frequently stir up feelings of hunger. Orange is a welcoming and comfortable color, and when one feels welcome and comfortable, it triggers appetite.
  • RED: Red stimulates hunger. Since it is said to be a powerful color, it is often combined with a another color, like white, to balance or lessen its dominance.

Colors That Suppresses Appetite

  • BLACK: Black, like dark gray, does very little in stimulating hunger and can quickly suppress appetite as well as decrease good mood. So, avoid dark gray as well.
  • BLUE: Blue is a relaxing shade that’s best for bedrooms. As it is a calming color, it suppresses appetite which is why many experts say that eating on blue plate can help dieters eat less or curb appetite.
  • BROWN: The color tends to suppress one’s appetite as it is associated with burnt or overdone food.