dairy free nutmilk cheeses


We have two exciting new products to add to our PRL lineup!






We are proud to announce the release of Cashew of the Woods Cheese and Shishito Gold Mustard. Cashew of the Woods and Shishito Gold were created to pair with each other, but both are delicious separately as well.


Cashew of the Woods Cheese is flavored with button, crimini, and shiitake mushrooms, black and white truffles, celeriac, and white pepper. Shishito Gold Mustard has a bold, sweet taste that evokes a hint of horseradish.


The shishito pepper originates from Japan. We source ours from an organic farm in Stillwater, MN called Sin Fronteras, who provide all the peppers we currently use in our Nacho flavor. They have the highest quality and largest variety of peppers ranging from mild to extremely hot. And as we all know, whether its a shishito, jalapeño, padron, habanero, or serrano (all included in our Nacho flavor) peppers have anti-inflammatory properties, and everyone can benefit from that.


Check out this link to an amazing NYTimes documentary about Sin Fronteras:



These new additions will expand your palate and your mind. Seriously. Perfect on a cheese plate for your fall get-togethers or on your favorite cooler weather veggie.



Punk Rawk Labs’ mission is to astonish and inspire customers by creating delicious, healthy nutmilk cheese bringing gourmet dairy free choices into their lives. We envision a world where food options are diverse, delicious and healthy for our bodies, our communities and the planet.

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