dairy free nutmilk cheeses


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Using a process similar to traditional dairy fermentation, our cheeses are crafted by fermenting nut milks resulting in a smooth texture and authentic umami flavor. Unlike most alternative cheese products on the market, PRL cheese is made using simple and natural organic ingredients free of dairy, gluten and soy. Our cheese base contains only four components: nuts, water, culture, and salt. The result is a great tasting, healthy alternative to dairy cheese.




Cashew Original – This cheese has an authentic umami flavor which stands up on it’s own and can also be used well as a base in typically dairy recipes.  Try it in this caprese salad recipe or with apples and ‘brie’.

Ingredients:  organic cashews, water, culture, salt


Cashew Herb -  Fine herbs create a clean finish for this delicious cheese. Wonderful as an appetizer slathered on celery or try the stuffed date bites.

Ingredients:  organic cashews, water, culture, salt, herbs


Cashew Smoked – Smoked sea salt and a cracked black pepper rim bring bold flavors and a beautiful presentation to this popular variety.  Try it on a cheese plate – it will be the first to go.

Ingredients:  organic cashews, water, culture, salt, smoked salt, black pepper


Nacho – Made using carrot juice and spicy peppers, it’s a healthier version of an unhealthy classic.  Try it with corn chips or on tacos. It also makes an exceptional mac and cheese!

Ingredients:  organic cashews, water, culture, salt, carrot, lemon, green onion, pickled pepper, sunflower lecithin


Cashew of the Woods - Flavored with button, crimini, and shiitake mushrooms, black and white truffles, celeriac, and white pepper.

Ingredients:  organic cashews, water, culture, salt, mushroom (shitake, crimini, button), black and white truffle, celeriac, white pepper




Original flavor on a caprese salad.


Punk Rawk Labs’ mission is to astonish and inspire customers by creating delicious, healthy nutmilk cheese bringing gourmet dairy free choices into their lives. We envision a world where food options are diverse, delicious and healthy for our bodies, our communities and the planet.

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