dairy free nutmilk cheeses


Punk Rawk Labs is a woman owned, Minnesota based company formed in 2010.  Our desire is to provide a gourmet dairy free alternative to cheese that actually tastes like cheese. This artisanal nutmilk cheese is handmade in small batches with passion and a love for great food that also makes you feel great.



Punk Rawk Labs grew spontaneously from one woman's journey to regain her health after a serious illness.  As an inadvertent forerunner in the field, she found a lot of help along the way including two partners, investors and network of grassroots support. That goodwill evolved organically into a national brand of dairy free cheeses.



Punk Rawk Labs’ mission is to astonish and inspire customers by creating delicious, healthy nutmilk cheese bringing gourmet dairy free choices into their lives. We envision a world where food options are diverse, delicious and healthy for our bodies, our communities and the planet.

Punk Rawk Labs, Inc.  2224 E 35th St.  Minneapolis, MN  55407